Rory and Will - Champions of The World

Series 1 - Episode 2: The South

Episode 2: The South

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Rory and Will begin this episode in Kent, joining their teams for the prestigious world championship of wheelie bin racing. Standard bins are lovingly modified into all kinds of clever and crazy racers. The teams of four must battle to negotiate the course in the fastest time and, with no engines allowed, it is all down to man power. Another must is downing obligatory half-pints of local ale at each checkpoint. Rory likes this, but it turns out that Will is more of a lager man. When all the times are in, there is some world-beating news for one of our heroes…

Their next world championship is crazy golf in historic Hastings, where the challenge is taken very seriously. Putters at the ready, Rory and Will tee off for the Battle of Hastings Mark II. Blenheim Palace is the next venue, where the Brompton world championship is about to get underway. This is a 13kmrace around the grounds on folding bikes, and hundreds turn up in their best business clothes. If Rory and Will can even get their bikes assembled, they will be doing better than they expect…

To the end the show, Rory and Will get into another fine mess at the world custard-pie throwing championship. Challengers come from around the globe for a chance at the title and today a delegation from Guinness World Records has even turned out to watch. This gives Will an idea for how to get his name in the history books. No matter what his skills at pie throwing are like, he is determined to have either a world title or a world record by the end of the day…



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