Rory and Will - Champions of The World

Series 1 - Episode 3: Wales and the West

Episode 3: Wales and the West

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This week, Rory and Will are taking on the world champions of Wales and the West of England. Rory thinks that he has a home advantage as he comes from the West Country, and given Will’s reaction to the bracing conditions he may just be right…

Will is worried about warming up, but at Cornwall’s belly boarding world championship, the contestants are more concerned about dressing up – in vintage swimwear! Belly boarding is like surfing, but performed lying down rather than standing up.

Rory is having the time of his life, but Will’s chattering teeth are on edge, not least because everyone seems to be talking about sharks. At the world crabbing championships in Appledore, north Devon, the first task is to gather bait. Will thinks that it should come as nature intended wrapped up in a plastic bag, but Rory prefers to root around in the rock pools for mussels and delights in turning Will’s stomach as he eats one. Will is certain that he will get his revenge by using a secret weapon in the contest. All discerning crabs love Parma ham, don’t they?

Rory and Will are not out of the water yet, as they plunge into the bath tubbing world championships in Cardiff. Joining the other hopeful tubbers, our lads take to the water with just a bath and a paddle, aiming to be fastest round the course. However, has someone forgotten to insert the plug? The final challenge this week is undoubtedly the most antisocial – the world-famous onion-eating championships in Gloucestershire. A crowd of 15,000 people turn out to watch Will, Rory and the other competitors trying to eat an onion in the fastest time. Having made everyone’s eyes water, the lads hurriedly go on a hunt for mouthwash!



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