Rory and Will - Champions of The World

Series 1 - Episode 4: Scotland and the North

Episode 4: Scotland and the North

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This week’s first stop is Birnam in Perthshire, where the proud centrepiece of the Highland Games is the World Haggis Eating Championships. Contestants must eat a full haggis in the fastest possible time, and Rory sees an advantage in letting Will know precisely what he is eating. Confronted with a few choice parts of a sheep, Will doesn’t fancy his chances, but the sight of Rory’s kilt convinces him that he is going to have trouble keeping anything down…

For the next challenge, Will is on home turf in the North of England for wrestling with a twist. This is the World Gravy Wrestling Championships. Competitors don fancy dress and wrestle for two minutes in the brown stuff, with the winner going through to the next round. But with a little gravy grappling under their belts, our heroes may not actually want a next round…

Moving onto County Durham, the boys get a crack at another world champion, this time at egg jarping. Each player must try to break the other’s hardboiled egg with his own. It sounds simple but, as former world champion Richard Wynn shows them, anything can happen when you’re jarping.

The boys finish with the most powerful motorsport on the planet – tractor-pulling. Supersized tractors compete to pull massive weights down a drag strip and the driver who gets furthest wins. The noise is deafening and the vibrations buttock-clenching, and soon it’s the turn of our two novices. As Rory and Will’s adventures around these isles come to an end, one of them bests a tractor-pulling champion!

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