Rory McGrath's Pub Dig

Series 1 - Episode 1: Chatham

Rory McGrath

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Rory and Paul begin their pub dig journey at the Command House pub in Chatham, Kent, digging through 400 years of naval history in search of Henry VIII’s lost Tudor docks and relics from the time of Nelson and the British Empire. Surprisingly, no one has dug here before, so this is completely unchartered territory.

As the team begin to dig, they come down on the foundations of a huge Georgian storehouse, once filled with the cannon that armed ships like Nelson’s ‘Victory’. These were the weapons that helped turn the map of the world pink, and Rory and Paul deafen themselves by trying out a surviving example.

But the ultimate aim is to find archaeology from the time when Henry VIII and Elizabeth I ruled Britain. Finding the lost dockyard would be a major discovery, as it was where the fleet that destroyed the Spanish Armada in 1588 was based. Will they uncover what they're looking for?

But it's not all work: while the trenches are being deepened, Rory and Paul make a bucket load of grog and sample it – all in the interests of historical accuracy, of course!

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