Rosamunde Pilcher's Four Seasons

Rosamunde Pilcher's Spring


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Fourth and final part of the Rosamunde Pilcher series. When patriarch Alex dies, the family is forced to make difficult decisions and reassess what is important to them - or risk losing everything. Stephen is outraged when he discovers the contents of his father's will, and vows to contest it - regardless of the damage a legal battle may do to his Family and the estate

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Comments (8)

  • Anna

    7 months ago


    What's the point of having comments, when you just ignore the problems we report? I'm having the same difficulty as people reported a YEAR ago. At each ad break playback freezes after 2 or 3 ads have played, forcing me to refresh and watch them again, then refresh and watch them again and again until it plays through to the programme. Earlier comments are right. You need to fix this channel 5. Why do you just ignore your customers like this? Even a post with an explanation and apology would be nice, but you just ignore us. Not nice.

  • Sarah Williams

    over 1 year ago

    Sarah Williams

    Impossible to watch the final episode as no coverage. What a real shame. Channel 5 cannot begin to compete with BBCiplayer.

  • Jude H

    over 1 year ago

    Jude H

    Very disappointed the video was progressing the adcerts were annoying as they were the same ones each time then half way through one set loud deafening music interupted them with 51 seconds to go and the video disappeared after watching 2 full parts ,suffering ad breaks then it began again from the begining, another ad break before i was aware that it was the start and not a continuation. Thats bad.

  • Disgusted Onw

    over 1 year ago

    Disgusted Onw

    I've watched all four episodes. But the video has taken so incredibly long to watch, because of pauses / freezes in reception. I have NO problems watching catch-up programmes on BBC or ITV. so dont say its my connection or anything else!!! I am so disappointed with "Demand 5" transmission, after this negative experience, that I will never use it again. Better you don't have a catch-up channel 5 than to present the public with such a shoddy, frustrating and disappointing experience. Take on one of the tech boys for the BBC and learn!!! Bye Bye :(

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  • Alan Byrne

    over 1 year ago

    Alan Byrne

    Alan like Cris above I set out to watch all the episodes in turn. Here I am 3 days later still only been able to watch the first three episodes, have now been 1.5hrs and have seen the first 11 minutes of part 4. am giving up now you can only stand the adverts so many times in one go! What I've seen so far has been really enjoyable, pity channel 5 cant be as reliable the BBC

  • cris

    over 1 year ago


    Wonderful afternoon watching all the episodes in turn, totally spoiled by the what I can only fathom as a special advert campaign on behalf of Channel 5 to make more money on advertising. Every episode had the same fault of having to reload almost every time there was a break, doubling up on adverts each time. What a shame because the programme was great.