Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol

Series 1 - Episode 2: Old Lady of the Seas

Episode 2: Old Lady of the Seas

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The crew are on Curacao while emergency repairs are carried out on the elderly ship - but the good times come to an abrupt end with the arrival of some hot intelligence leads.

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  • TIm Bucktooth

    over 1 year ago

    TIm Bucktooth

    Cannot believe the blonde woman with the crayons is even allowed to join

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  • John

    2 years ago


    These people just assume the guilt of the ships.. "Yeah they have dumped the drugs" or they could be innocent and your "intel" could be bad. Pompous fools

  • Ewan

    2 years ago


    Looks like fun. It does make the Navy look rather poorly funded. It makes you think, does the UK really have the resources to afford the luxury of this sort of service?

  • Jeff B

    over 2 years ago

    Jeff B

    Broken ship, 30+ years old? What a shambles and the biggest travesty against our lads n ladies lives that there ever was. Can't even refrigerate the food properly and keep the vessel seaworthy so costs even more money long term than buying a new ship. Sort the problems out at home like mass uncontrolled immigration, negligent leadership, the EU and maybe we could afford some decent gear for our guys. Priority number 1, for crying out loud!! They deserve it!!

  • monk

    almost 3 years ago


    how much of tax payer money wasted. look like our government do not understand how drugs organizations works,the intel. they get is to keep them busy so they can do their business elsewhere and if they catch something is only 50 k which is nothing compere to the tons that come in the country

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  • jo

    3 years ago


    my dad served on the manch as one of the first crew and i went on board as a son is now an R.A.F. Cadet and has the same nickname....Banjo....

  • topps

    3 years ago


    As a veteran of 4 windies deployments, as you might expect, I have watched this series with great interest. Not only is the subject matter close to my heart but it is accurate and extremely well crafted. Well done channel 5!

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  • Stephen Morris

    3 years ago

    Stephen Morris

    Hi, i'm a 16 year old who has a dad in the Navy. I wish to join, however, i do not know whether to go in as a officer or a rating. Any advice would be useful. Thanks. I watch the programs because they give a huge insight on life in the navy

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  • Louisa Chandler

    3 years ago

    Louisa Chandler

    Such a pity that they're being made to make so many cut backs to personnel and ships.


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  • Des

    3 years ago

    Des "Blackie" Black.....ex LMEM(M)

    excellent program, i served on the Mighty Manch in the early 90's, great ship

  • Barry Buddon

    3 years ago

    Barry Buddon

    Get the bootnecks on the screen! I heard there are Royal Marine snipers onboard?? what an awesome job that must be.

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  • rebecca

    3 years ago


    this is a grate insight in to what the RN is actually all about im hoping to join the RN as a cook in a few years after i have left school and collage

  • Sonia C-T

    3 years ago

    Sonia C-T

    Looking forward to seeing my little brother again on episode 2, capturing his final deployment on HMS Manchester after his 5 year stint on the old a very proud big sister!!

  • chris duckworth

    3 years ago

    chris duckworth

    fabulous program, i truly miss the mob so much,its a family not a job, happy days

  • Julian Patmore

    3 years ago

    Julian Patmore

    Evidence, as if it were needed, that we have the best forces in world. It's a pleasure to be a fly on their wall for a while. Wonderful insight. And good luck to all the crew on redeployment once the ship docks for the final time.

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  • Brian

    3 years ago


    Another great docu on the british forces. Keep it up Five, Brian :)

  • Trev Eves

    3 years ago

    Trev Eves

    I take it they're better places to live than I remember? Back in the early 1990's I was on the Birmingham and it was a bloody terrible place to live and work. My respect to all of you keeping the old girls working - it can't be easy.

  • joe peppard

    3 years ago

    joe peppard

    the best RN fly on the wall since sailor.i served on three type 42s all over the do get use to it.good times!!!

  • calum mills

    3 years ago

    calum mills

    i was on a type 23 not as many people but great years remember what i am missing

  • Russ Laye

    3 years ago

    Russ Laye

    I spent 23 years in the RN both on the surface fleet and in the Submarine service, they were the best years of my life, and I would recomend it to any one.

  • Rory Ferrier

    3 years ago

    Rory Ferrier

    I served on the "Mighty" during the 1st gulf war, had the best years of my career on there ! We will miss the old lady when she goes

  • Carl Houghton

    3 years ago

    Carl Houghton

    My son is in the RN, this has given a great insight into the conditions, the highs and the lows that the crew experience. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Stewart Whiskey Walker

    3 years ago

    Stewart Whiskey Walker

    i served on the manc in the 80s and was in the carribean as well as the med with her fantastic ship and will be sadly missed they dont make them like they used to.

  • Elaine Marper

    3 years ago

    Elaine Marper

    Well - along with the rest of the support crew here, I cannot wait for the next one. Just gives us all an insight of what our lads n lasses have to do and the conditions they endure on deployment.