Secret Interview

Series 1 - Episode 4: Fashion

Jo Elvin with Mel and Chloe

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Two young shop assistants have the opportunity of securing a dream job with Glamour Magazine editor Jo Elvin. 25-year-old shop assistant Mel Ashworth from Chester and 19-year-old Chloe Leyser from Bromley in Kent have no idea that they are being covertly tested and that Jo Elvin is casting her critical eye over everything they do.

First up for the potential fashionistas is how to deal with awkward, rude and demanding customers. This is to test how they would deal with a bitchy celebrity if they got the job with Jo. Mel and Chloe are then asked by their bosses to put on an impromptu promotional party. With one hour to organise the celebrations, their only support comes in the form of worthless work experience girls whose job is to hinder, not help.

Next, the candidates come face-to-face with fake fashion retail experts, who harass the girls to see just what they can get them to do. Finally, the girls head to a real fashion shoot where Jo’s senior stylist presents them with the ultimate challenge – to style a shot without making any fashion faux pas.

At the end of the weirdest working week of their lives all is revealed, as our candidates discover who has got the job with Jo at Glamour Magazine...

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