• Episode 12: Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

    Carrie is introduced to Big's mother as 'a friend'.

  • Episode 11: The Drought

    Carrie's embarrassing episode of flatulence in Big's presence causes her to spiral into a massive bout of insecurity about her relationship with him.

  • Episode 10: The Baby Shower

    The friends go to a baby shower. Charlotte finds her made-up name for her own future child has been stolen. Samantha holds an 'I'm not having a baby' shower party.

  • Episode 9: The Turtle And The Hare

    Stanford proposes to Carrie so that he can inherit his grandmother's fortune. Samantha tries to turn Bernie Turtletaub into a fashionable date.

  • Episode 8: Three's A Crowd

    Carrie comes face-to-face with Big's ex-wife, while Charlotte's boyfriend proposes an unsavoury triangle and Sam is propositioned by her lover's wife.

  • Episode 7: The Monogamists

    Carrie finds herself competing for Big's affections, while Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are all actively avoiding commitment.

  • Episode 6: Secret Sex

    Carrie worries that Mr Big is hiding her from his friends. Miranda's boyfriend is hiding a shocking secret. Charlotte recalls her love affair with a Hasidic artist.

  • Episode 5: The Power Of The Female Sex

    Carrie dates a French architect, but she's appalled when he leaves her money after they sleep together. Charlotte agrees to model for a famous painter.

  • Episode 4: Valley Of The Twenty-Something Guys

    Carrie realises that having a younger lover has its advantages, but starts having doubts when she wakes up in a crummy apartment.

  • Episode 3: Bay Of Married Pigs

    Carrie spends the weekend at the beach house of an affluent couple, but in the morning the husband greets her in nothing but a T-shirt.

  • Episode 2: Models And Mortals

    As Miranda attends a dinner party with a modeliser (a man who only dates models), Samantha sleeps with a modeliser who videotapes his sexual conquests.

  • Episode 1: Sex And The City

    In the first ever episode, Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte decide to stop searching for the perfect man and start having sex like men.