Series 4 - Episode 14: All That Glitters

Episode 14: All That Glitters

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Carrie returns home from a night out to find the ultimate Southern slacker stereotype in her bed, in the form of Aidan asleep with one hand in his bucket of deep fried chicken. Reluctant to spend the rest of her life staying indoors of an evening with questionable meat and a beer belly (not hers, obviously), she starts up an affair with her gay ‘boyfriend’ Oliver, a relationship that causes problems with her gay ‘husband’ Stanford.

Charlotte is introduced to a design editor for House and Garden magazine, who promises to get her apartment into its illustrious pages. But when she shares the happy news with her husband, he shows a complete lack of interest in the whole idea. Seeing their divergent views on interior decorating and glossy publications as symptoms of the growing chasm between them, Charlotte decides they should separate for good.

Samantha, high on more than just life, tells Richard she loves him – a declaration she immediately regrets – while Miranda is outed to her office when her colleague spots her very pregnant self at a club.

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