Series 5 - Episode 1: Anchors Away

Sex and The City

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Miranda's new man, baby son Brady, proves a little too ubiquitous for Samantha's liking, with the latter taking offence at the fact that Brady is a constant fixture both at brunch and at Miranda's breast.

Meanwhile, Charlotte confesses her belief that everyone gets two great loves in their life, a theory which causes Carrie consternation thanks to her failed relationships with Aidan and Big. Luckily, New York City is in the midst of Fleet Week, with floods of US Navy boys eager for some land-locked love.

The girls, minus a harassed Miranda, attend a nautical party during which Carrie sees a little too much of Charlotte - and about what you might expect of Samantha. Having danced with one sailor who dared to criticise the fair isle of Manhattan, Carrie decides she is far too in love with her hometown to make time for a more corporeal lover.

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