Series 5 - Episode 6: Critical Condition

Sex and The City

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Carrie is now officially a published author, which means one thing to a woman like her - critique. Determined to find a rave review, Carrie discovers one which pricks at her conscience rather than her ego thanks to its statement that, in Carrie's literary world, 'single women rule and the men are disposable'.
Having also bumped into a reproachful Nina Katz, who inherited ex-fiancé Aidan from Carrie after she broke his heart, Carrie begins a bout of soul-searching that is obsessive even for her.

An exhausted Miranda is having problems of her own thanks to a wailing child, a fact to which Samantha remains resolutely insensitive, and Charlotte heads into her divorce proceedings with an attractive lawyer at her side. Afraid of seeming bullish towards the ever-present Bunny in front of said lawyer, Charlotte is forced to switch her prince for a toad - his partner Harry Goldenblatt. Ultimately Miranda gets a little help from her friends, plus a vibrating chair, and Carrie learns to stop believing the bad press thanks to a sharp word from Stanford.

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