Series 4 - Episode 5: Ghost Town

Episode 5: Ghost Town

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Did Carrie ever get over her former flame, Aidan? When he becomes a silent partner in Steve’s new bar, it seems her old feelings for him can no longer remain muted. She receives an invitation to the bar’s grand opening and takes this as a sign that Aidan is extending the olive branch, but is soon disabused of this notion by Steve. Realising that she isn’t ready to confront her not-so-friendly ghost, she tries to get out of accompanying Miranda on her mission to exorcise the spectre of Steve. Charlotte, having brought her marriage back from the dead, is now forced to do battle with the inimitable Bunny, her mother-in- law, over their much-disputed mutual territory. Samantha, never a fan of any conversation that doesn’t involve the words ‘do’ and ‘me’, is sick to death of the monotonous monogamy and the crippling analysis that constitutes her relationship with Maria. Serial monogamist Carrie decides she wants a second helping of Aidan after she braves the bar opening.

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