Series 4 - Episode 18: I Heart NY

Episode 18: I Heart NY

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Upon meeting up with Big one insomniac night, Carrie discovers that he has decided to up and move to a vineyard in California. Shocked into eating carbohydrates and dancing to the oldies, Carrie plots a final fling before Big becomes far-flung.

Samantha, suffering from her own separation anxiety, is convinced that Richard’s time away from her is spent indulging in dissolution and duplicity, so she takes to wearing ill-fitting wigs and trench coats in order to spy on him. Charlotte goes on her first post-separation date, an impulsive decision that fails to pay off. Carrie’s date with Big is rudely interrupted by Miranda’s water breaking and, as the birth partner, Carrie must say goodbye to one man and hello to another – Miranda gives birth to a baby boy.

With Big gone, Carrie contemplates accidents of fate and the road less travelled, coming to the conclusion that we are lucky to carry each other in our hearts, and even luckier if the people we love are only a plane ride away.

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