Series 5 - Episode 8: I Love A Charade

Sex and The City

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I Love A Charade finds all three girls grappling with the winds of change as Sex and the City's fifth season comes to a close. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte prop up the bar as they watch old friend and legendary entertainer Bobby Fine perform his routine at a piano bar. As the applause dies down, Bobby approaches them with some wonderful news. He's getting married. Having always assumed that Bobby is gay, the girls are shocked to discover that his intended is in fact a woman, socialite Bitsy von Muffling.

Deciding to attend the wedding, Carrie bumps into Jack Berger en route, who reveals that he has recently become single. Meanwhile, Charlotte grudgingly allows herself to be seen in public with the hirsute Harry, who is proving to be the ardent beast to her embarrassed beauty. Miranda also has trouble resisting temptation in the form of Steve, and Samantha finds herself rapidly running out of patience with the trail of bimbos ex-boyfriend Richard has left behind.

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