Series 6 - Episode 12: One

Sex and The City

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Carrie and Charlotte make a visit to a gallery where a performance artist has placed herself on display without any food or water. When the two women leave the exhibition, Charlotte notices famed Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky and starts up a conversation. The artist clearly pays more attention to Carrie, however, and later in the week calls her up to ask her on a date.

Charlotte and Harry finally realisetheir dream by conceiving, but unfortunately, Charlotte miscarries less than a month into the pregnancy. This absolutely devastates her, and she finds herself unable to leave her living room due to her grief. Then, while sitting zombie-like in front of the television, Charlotte happens upon a documentary about Elizabeth Taylor. Liz's struggles inspire Charlotte, allowing her to get up, out of the apartment, and on with her life.

After Robert surprises her by giving her a giant cookie decorated with the words 'I love you', Miranda begins to worry about not only her response but also the fact that she's never going to be able to express her feelings to anybody. Later in the week, everybody gathers in Miranda's apartment to celebrate Brady's first birthday. Miranda is still a bit put off by her inability to say those three words, but she shocks herself by blurting them out in a private moment with Steve. He reciprocates, and the couple begin their relationship anew.

Following Brady's party, Carrie meets up with Aleksandr at Russian Samavor for a late dinner. After the meal, the pair travels to the gallery to see if the performance artist is indeed maintaining her lonely vigil. After verifying that she is, Carrie and Aleksandr call it a night - but not before Carrie surrenders to his charm, with the couple sharing a passionate kiss on the New York street.

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