Series 1 - Episode 6: Secret Sex

Episode 6: Secret Sex

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As Carrie and Big prepare for their first official date, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda discuss how soon is too soon when it comes to sex. With Carrie in her ‘naked dress’, will she and Big be able to curb their impulses? The answer is a resounding ‘no’, something Carrie regrets as soon as she realises she may have just turned herself into Big’s ‘secret sex girl’.

Meanwhile, Carrie bumps into her friend Mike with a clandestine date of his own in an obscure Chinese restaurant. His reticence to introduce his date to Carrie compounds her fear that she has entered the realm of shameful lovers. She questions her friends about their own surreptitious sexual partners, with Sam typically having no shame about any of her lovers, Charlotte’s covert affair with a Hassidic folk artist revealed and Miranda’s exposure of her date’s humiliating sexual predilections.

Carrie contemplates whether such furtive relationships enjoy ‘the ultimate form of intimacy’ as they are protected from the cruel glare of the world’s judgement, or are simply another way in which people repress their true (and truly mortifying) feelings. Her sense of outrage nurtured by an excess of alcohol, she confronts Big about their relationship.

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