Series 4 - Episode 1: The Agony And The Extasy

Episode 1: The Agony And The Extasy

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Having started her 35th birthday with a humiliating letter from a dating agency, Carrie storms off to brunch with the girls. When discussing the concept of soul mates, Miranda is characteristically cynical while Charlotte, who used to be a believer, finds herself having a crisis of faith after Trey’s overzealous affections spoil not only her evening but also her dress. Samantha, on the other hand, experiences a resurgence of goodwill for mankind after she meets a Franciscan priest who tickles her fancy.

Having sat alone at her own birthday dinner long enough, Carrie does the funeral march home to eat cake and die but is ambushed by Charlotte and forced to curb her suicidal impulses. Ultimately agreeing with her that they need look no further than each other for soul mates, Carrie returns home to find Big outside her apartment, brandishing balloons and champagne.

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