Series 5 - Episode 7: The Big Journey

Sex and The City

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Carrie has a sexual itch that she's desperate to scratch, but who will oblige her? Samantha is equally frustrated, so in a bid to escape her intrigue-free life in New York, she accompanies Carrie to San Francisco on a book tour. Their mode of transport leaves much to be desired, with both girls cramped inside one train carriage like two beautifully-coiffed sardines. Samantha thinks their luck is changing when a rowdy bachelor party hops aboard, but the men are reluctant to stray.

Determined to track down Mr Big in order to exorcise her sexual demons, a disgruntled Carrie finally arrives at her book signing, where a handsome man in the back row poses a question which many an audience member has asked: 'Does this Big character have a real name?' The man turns out to be Big himself, but Carrie's attempts at seduction are in vain thanks to her literary prowess - Big is guilt-ridden over her depiction of him as an emotionally distant man with only an adjective for a name. Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, Charlotte finds herself curiously attracted to her rather brutish divorce lawyer, Harry.

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