Season 5 - Episode 2: Authority Vested

Sons of Anarchy

Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

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Old sins resurface for Jax and SAMCRO. Before the Sons agree to be held in remand for killing one of the Niners, Jax and Tara tie the knot.



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Comments (23)

  • DB

    1 year ago


    Can you fix. This episode still does not stream.

  • pixie201

    1 year ago


    BRILLIANT - no crashing, excellent playback, so what for the adverts, go for a wee or make a cuppa tea

  • Jemma

    1 year ago


    This is so rubbish I can watch the clips but the episode. sort this out so so rubbish

  • Feebz

    1 year ago


    Such a poor service. Keeps crashing. Although not even a little glitch during the adverts.

  • annoyed

    1 year ago


    keeps crashing, I'm on 85Mb Fibre and can stream netflix and sky in HD with no problems.. FIX IT !!! funnily enough adverts play fine

  • becky

    1 year ago


    what is with this service? crashing during adverts, makes it un watchable.. Rubbish...

  • JohnFairhurst

    1 year ago


    Really cool story. No problems with playback (I would like a better range of ads, mind).

  • Doghouse

    1 year ago


    What is with the adverts at random points of the episodes? I was hoping to catch up with the series after spending 2 weeks in hospital, but now I'll just wait for the DVD to come out. Very poor service - the ads are not even in the correct breaks in the program. When they pop up half way through a scene or sentance, it really does get anooying.

  • GB

    1 year ago


    What is it with demand 5 its always freezing and crashing!! All the other catch up channels work fine!!

  • RooftopDude

    1 year ago


    Just keeps stopping. Is it really so hard to put a video up that doesn't crash?

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  • rocket3david

    1 year ago


    Absolute rubbish, the service that is,constant buffering and crashing makes this series un-watchable.

  • Laura

    1 year ago


    I appreciate the need for adverts but is it not possible to have them in appropriate places as they are when shows are aired instead of mid sentence.

  • don draper

    1 year ago

    don draper

    missed the first ep because there's been no publicity. have a word with your marketing/pr dept.

  • leisa

    1 year ago


    fantastic show i love the characters and strory lines keep them coming x

  • Bengalgooner

    1 year ago


    top series - continuing where it left off!

  • Dee Dee

    1 year ago

    Dee Dee

    Yeah....not happy with the repetetive adverts, nor the jumpiness/freezing of the picture during them. It's putting me off the whole programme!

  • donk

    1 year ago


    on demand is rubbish the picture is so jumpy and out of sync, not happy

  • B

    1 year ago


    Whats with the adverts freezing every second, pause, play, pause, play every second for 190 seconds.

  • Gordon

    1 year ago


    Thanks for on demand. I missed this because of being so tired. I've been looking forward to this coming back on, great show.

  • Arron1995

    1 year ago


    i go to watch this on wednesday night

  • arron edwards

    1 year ago

    arron edwards

    i go to watch it