Season 3 - Episode 11: Bainne


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Still in Ireland, Jax, Opie and Gemma find the nuns who have been holding Abel and are told that a couple took the child two days ago. Gemma exerts a bit of pressure and discovers the name of a hotel in which the couple were staying. Jax races to the hotel, where he sees a couple getting into a cab with a baby. He follows them to the market where he sees them as a happy, loving family unit. He decides to eat alone and makes no contact with the couple.

Jax tells Gemma he's found her grandson. But he admits to her that he could not bear to take the child. Gemma tries to slap some sense back into him, then tells him that Abel is going to have a younger brother, as Tara is pregnant again.

Meanwhile Clay and the guys turn up, saying that Jimmy O tortured and killed Sean for information on where Abel is, so that he can use the child as a bargaining chip for his passage out of the country. The gang head straight to the hotel where the couple were staying, only to find their dead bodies and the child long gone.

Back in America, there is a shift in the balance of power. The council have voted that Sanwa Sheriffs’ Office should take over the running of Charming. Unser, taking the opportunity to use his powers before they are stripped from him, drags Jacob in to the station at four in the morning to find out what is going on. Their discussion reveals that Lumpy’s demise now means that Charming’s high street is now open to potential developers.

Elsewhere, Tara and Margaret are still being held by Salazar. After a price is struck for their release, the drop off is spoilt by some kids who see Tig drop the bag full of money. The children quickly swipe the cash and pedal off...

Will Jax and the other Sons agree to Jimmy’s deal – safe passage to America in return for Abel? Will Tara be able to negotiate her own release?



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