Season 5 - Episode 4: Stolen Huffy

Episode 4: Stolen Huffy

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Gemma is being held in jail along with all of the prostitutes who were working at Nero’s whorehouse. Carla, Nero’s half-sister and second-in-command, is blaming Gemma for getting them busted and the business closed down. She says that Emma Jean, the girl she beat up (who may or may not have had 'relations' with Clay), must have ratted on them to the cops.

Realising that she has very few allies to turn to now, Gemma calls her ex-daughter-in-law Wendy to come and bail her out.

Meanwhile Jax informs the club about the deal he had to strike with Pope, saying that they have never come up against such a highly connected adversary. While giving him half of their income from the drugs and gun-running operation they have going with the Galindos is a high price, it is a deal not completely without benefits. He will, even if just by reputation, provide some protection for the club. Jax and Chibs then head over to Nero's brothel to assess the damage. They arrive just in time to witness Nero give the nod to two Latino gangsters to find Emma Jean and finish her off. However, Nero then asks Jax, who has offered to help, to get to Emma Jean before the Latinos.

As Sons pay their respects to Opie, Jax considers his 'interest' in the porn trade: will he convince the club to partner with Nero to open a new brothel, with all profits split down the middle?



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Comments (28)

  • Biker58

    1 year ago


    Advert breaks are ridiculous! One 157 second advert break, Jax closes the herse door then final credits? What is the point!?!?! The placement of these are poor and they are the same adverts over and over again. There should be an option to skip. A great episode spoilt by people who can't figure out how to do their jobs properly

  • mark

    1 year ago


    absolutely shocking visual delivery of a great episode. I don't mind watching the ads (which seem to play just fine), but either a very poor player or lack of investment in the back end makes viewing frustrating. A real shame that 5 cannot get the viewing basics right - im upto date - and don't think i will be back to watch content on this channel. A case of over promise and under deliver??

  • Andy Wilson

    1 year ago

    Andy Wilson

    Have been trying to watch for days - sort it out Channel 5!!

  • JohnFairhurst

    1 year ago


    Fantastic - very emotional

  • knuckles

    1 year ago


    wat is the nameof the guy with scar on face ? is he scottish

  • dan

    1 year ago


    way way to many adverts and freezes

  • AJ

    1 year ago


    You're add placements are less than ideal. Could you at least wait till there is scene change instead of middle of a pivotal conversation.

  • BizBoo

    1 year ago


    I totally agree I have tried to watch this several times and it sticks and I get taken back to the beginning!! Adverts and then more adverts! Please do something. Please??

  • raven99

    1 year ago


    argggg channel 5 you drive me nuts!! if you are going to offer a service at least make sure it works!! the player sticks all the time, if you report the problem it takes you back to the begining and you have to sit through adverts yet again!!! both itv and bbciplayer lets you 'resume'. this service is rubbish!

  • Boo

    1 year ago


    Can't understand the writing off of Opie, one of the better brooding characters. Now there is no brother for Jax it will feel weird and disjointed. Good luck with that one script writers

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  • abina1

    1 year ago


    why can't i fast forward through the adverts sooo annoying then it sticks and you have to go back to the beginning anyone else having problems?

  • Bryce

    1 year ago


    Am I the only one having trouble viewing this it says error code ve fms connect failed?

  • Mark

    1 year ago


    Just one thing 5 whats the point of having an advert break just before the final credits

  • marie powell

    1 year ago

    marie powell

    this show is great, i cryed, RIP opie ..............

  • jerseyviking

    1 year ago


    Fionnuala - The song is 'The Lost Boy' by Greg Holden. Enjoy!

  • Fionnuala

    1 year ago


    song at the end was awesome! Who was it ?

  • Kai

    1 year ago


    If you are not crying at the end of this then you are very cold heated.

  • SadNow

    1 year ago


    Gutted. Opie was the only member with any class, the rest are whining self serving bitches. Opie was a man, lived and died on his feet.

  • DeeDee

    1 year ago


    More trouble with these screen freezes during the first break for the damned adverts... resulting in my having to watch over again from the start of the show. That's twice in a row for this episode alone! C'mon C5...sort it out please.

  • rachel

    1 year ago


    If you weren't cryin at the end, you're lyin

  • Tim

    1 year ago


    Friends we had, and those we've lost, its only in age you remember the cost. Norton 850 RIP

  • Arrow

    1 year ago


    Crazy to write OPIE out of the show...Guess the writer has reason... Like life The Good Die Young ... I am shocked as Opie was one of the coolest members and a top actor... Makes ya wonder where we will see Ryan Hurst acting in again and what part played... Hooked on Sons of Anarchy.. TOP SHOW..

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  • chrism

    1 year ago


    got a bit choked up at the end but it was an amazing episode

  • matt

    1 year ago


    Awesome episode RIP Hope

  • Delboy

    1 year ago


    Wicked episode.

  • Gillyant

    1 year ago


    OMG - Fantastic