Season 5 - Episode 4: Stolen Huffy

Episode 4: Stolen Huffy

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Gemma is being held in jail along with all of the prostitutes who were working at Nero’s whorehouse. Carla, Nero’s half-sister and second-in-command, is blaming Gemma for getting them busted and the business closed down. She says that Emma Jean, the girl she beat up (who may or may not have had 'relations' with Clay), must have ratted on them to the cops.

Realising that she has very few allies to turn to now, Gemma calls her ex-daughter-in-law Wendy to come and bail her out.

Meanwhile Jax informs the club about the deal he had to strike with Pope, saying that they have never come up against such a highly connected adversary. While giving him half of their income from the drugs and gun-running operation they have going with the Galindos is a high price, it is a deal not completely without benefits. He will, even if just by reputation, provide some protection for the club. Jax and Chibs then head over to Nero's brothel to assess the damage. They arrive just in time to witness Nero give the nod to two Latino gangsters to find Emma Jean and finish her off. However, Nero then asks Jax, who has offered to help, to get to Emma Jean before the Latinos.

As Sons pay their respects to Opie, Jax considers his 'interest' in the porn trade: will he convince the club to partner with Nero to open a new brothel, with all profits split down the middle?



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