Season 5 - Orca Shrugged

Orca Shrugged

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After old sores are opened with the Irish, the Sons vote in favour of going into the escort business with Nero Padilla.

On a trip in to town, Jax, Bobby and Chibs cross paths with Mayor Hale in the diner. He is interested in finding out who is responsible for the spate of house robberies that has plagued Charming. Jax, on the other hand, is interested in Elk Lodge, a property of Hale’s that would be a perfect spot for the Sons and Nero Padilla’s entry into the high-end hooker/escort business.

Hale shows no interest whatsoever in bowing to their wishes until Jax suggests that he might be able to influence a voter in the forthcoming poll on the Charming Heights housing development.



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