Season 5 - Episode 7: Toad's Wild Ride

Episode 7: Toad's Wild Ride

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As Jax and the club continue their investigation into the spate of violent break-ins, the finger of suspicion points to the Nomads, who scramble to get out of Charming before they are caught. Meanwhile, Gemma's reckless behaviour results in tragic consequences and Jax is forced to clean up yet another of his mother's messes.

Elsewhere Clay's plans begin to backfire forcing him into a desperate move...



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  • KaiMilburn

    1 year ago


    i was crying when i saw the kid was bleeding

  • marina taylor

    1 year ago

    marina taylor

    what another great ep cant wait till nxt time bring it on

  • JohnFairhurst

    1 year ago


    I hope the pay off for Jax, Tara and family is going to be good.

  • annabelle

    1 year ago


    I agree its one of the best series on tv for a long time only other good series used to be prison break, hope sons of anarchy stays on our tv for a long to come

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  • Abi

    1 year ago


    agreed! haven't these kids been through enough geez!! gemma too.

  • jamie

    1 year ago


    No need to see children bleed!