Season 5 - Episode 11: To Thine Own Self


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Tara tells Jax about the job offer she's received: this is their last chance to get out of Charming and start again. She has until the end of the week to give her potential employers an answer. Jax tries to focus the Sons towards their new business with Nero. Jax also puts pressure on Juice to get the contents of Clay's safe to get proof Clay is responsible for the break-ins and the murder of Roosevelt's wife. Can Juice deliver what Jax is after?

Meanwhile in Stockton Jail, Otto receives a visitor and barely survives the encounter...

Elsewhere Clay tries to consolidate his power base, telling Tig of his plans to create new opportunities for himself outside the club. Clay suggests that if Tig ever needed a position away from the club, there would be one waiting for him. Clay also meets with Romeo of the Galindo cartel. Romeo gives Clay the lay of the land and also some advice: if he's going to make a bid to become the Son's president, the time is now.



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  • mal

    12 months ago


    pathetic. what an embarrasing service

  • paul

    12 months ago


    Had no problem (and never have) watching these. Thanks forthe service 5OD!

  • MarkCannon

    12 months ago


    Anyone still struggling to watch this try opening up the same video in another window & have the two running at the same time. It worked for me on this & the previous episode. So if one freezes youve got the other one running just behind.

  • Tejay

    12 months ago


    Watching this was an effort ....keeps crashing at the ads not good :(

  • amanda booth

    12 months ago

    amanda booth

    Same problem as everyone else, Useless, needs sorting out please. Been trying since friday night to watch the sons.

  • therobsta

    12 months ago


    Pathetic , like all above , cant get past the adverts ! SORT IT OUT 5 DEMAND - if you ever read these comments which I doubt.

  • Caryl

    12 months ago


    Maddening. I cannot get past the first round of adverts, yet again.

  • Pete

    12 months ago


    The player stalls all the time, frequently loses the audio or becomes pixelated, restarts for no obvious reason, then makes you sit through the adverts again. What's most annoying of all, however, is that they seem to stick the adverts in completely oblivious to what's going on! Ad breaks begin mid-sentence, or in the middle of action scenes! Complete rubbish, nearly ruins the programme.

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  • thinkI'llsticktobooks

    12 months ago


    Terrible. Took 40 minutes to get to first ad break and then stopped altogether.

  • scot

    12 months ago



  • steb

    12 months ago


    I'm off to read an episode guide instead

  • s

    12 months ago


    Rubbish - advertisements come on and the programme restarts! Useless!

  • miles

    12 months ago


    does any one from channel 5 demand actually read these comments!!!!

  • mike bissett

    12 months ago

    mike bissett

    can watch ome advert there stops why this one all the others been fine???

  • Janine

    12 months ago


    Got half way through the programme and it stopped playing....sort it out !

  • Carrie

    12 months ago


    same! glad im not the only one with this problem.

  • michael stephenson

    12 months ago

    michael stephenson

    adverts have no problem playing shame the show cant get past the ads