Season 2 - Episode 9: Fa Guan

Episode 9: Fa Guan

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In light of Luann's death, Clay decides that the club must pull out of the porn business altogether, but this solo decision infuriates Jax.

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  • Mike

    3 years ago


    I agree, not on long enough (broke every speed limit going trying to get home in time tonight to catch it before it went - made it by 2 minutes!) Henry Rollins is in most episodes - can't remember the fella's name, Zobel's sidekick/enforcer...

  • duncan

    3 years ago


    just amazin

  • Anji

    3 years ago


    Fantastic show, and I also agree wish it was on for more than 6 days.

  • Mr smee

    3 years ago

    Mr smee

    I managed to watch no problems, it is just a shame that it is only on there for 6 Days as I work shift and only get chance to watch when on nights so have miassed a couple of episodes

  • nick

    3 years ago


    Which episode is Henry Rollins in?!

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  • neil

    3 years ago


    I totally agree, if you're going to offer a service, do it properly, can't even get 3 minutes

  • claire

    3 years ago


    this is rubbish - im trying to watch sons of anarchy and the video doesnt load - can only watch 3mins! C5 if you cant load it properly DONT load it at all! so disspointing!