Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 - Episode 9: Complications


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Sarah is having nightmares. She dreams of cactus plants sprouting up from where the gang buried Cromartie.

As the burial takes place, the terminator's hand shoots out of the ground and grabs John. Upon waking, Sarah says that some of the gang should return to Mexico and burn Cromartie's body, closing a horrible chapter of their adventures for good.

Meanwhile, Jesse tells Derek that she has abducted Skynet worker Charles Fischer and has tied him up in a warehouse. He was one of the top Grays (human traitors who worked for Skynet), but Derek does not recognise the man. Fischer himself repeatedly claims that he is a watchmaker from Pasadena – could Jesse have made a mistake?

In Mexico, Sarah is having an even stranger dream, this one involving Cameron and Cromartie in a aternity ward full of small tortoises in the place of infants. When she wakes up, she is pointing a gun at her reflection in a window and finds a trio of dots on a pad of paper in front of her.

The mystery continues when Cameron and John attempt to dig up Cromartie but find that the body is missing. Has he re-animated, or has someone taken the hunk of metal? James Ellison was the only other person present at Cromartie's 'death'.

Later, John and Cameron sneak into Ellison's house, where Cameron roughs up the former FBI man. He says that he does not know where Cromartie's body is. Back at the warehouse, Jesse arrives with another, younger man – the younger Charles Fischer. Older Fischer sticks to his story until Derek starts pulling the fingernails off of younger Fischer.

Older Fischer says that he has taken a trip to the past as a reward from Skynet. He was in solitary
confinement at Pelican Bay when judgement day happened and he helped teach the machines about humans to avoid being killed.

Chillingly, Fischer eventually reveals that he taught Skynet how to use torture on humans. Derek himself was tortured by Fischer. Upon realising the awful truth, he shoots and kills the old man.

Derek suggests that perhaps the reason he has no memory of the torture is that his actions in the past have altered events and he is from a different tangent of the future. If true, this could have devastating consequences for Sarah and John.

What did the three dots on the pad mean after Sarah's second dream? Following one final nightmare, Sarah spots the same three dots on the wall, next to a surprising name from her past.

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