Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 - Episode 6: Dungeons & Dragons

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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This week's action begins as Sarah's ex Charley performs CPR on John's biological uncle Derek, after he was shot by the Terminator that was tasked with eliminating his group of future resistance leaders. Charley manages to stabilise him. Derek then begins to have visions of his life in the future.

Derek's first vision reveals the future world as a dystopian nightmare, where humans hide from the killer machines in underground tunnels and only come to the surface to engage in combat. John's father Kyle and Derek are shown as soldiers fighting Skynet with another fighter called Wisher.

However, they are soon captured by a Terminator and separated from Kyle. After being tortured, Wisher confesses to Derek that his real name is Andy Goode, the inventor of the chess-playing machine The Turk and guiltily admits his inadvertent role in creating Skynet.

After making their escape, the pair escape back to their decimated base, with Kyle nowhere to be seen. It was at this juncture that Kyle went back in time to protect Sarah Connor in the original Terminator film. Months later, Derek meets John's future guardian Cameron and finds out about the newly developed time-portal. He agrees to go to the year 2007 with other resistance fighters.

Back in 2007, Sarah finally explains to Charley the truth about Terminators and time travel. Although
it is a lot to take in, Charley seems to understand the situation. He also observes Cameron disposing
of the T-888 she terminated, but she secretly keeps the machine's CPU chip. What is she up to?

After saving Derek's life, Charley also warns Sarah about Agent Robert Kester, whom Charley does not know is really the T-800 Cromartie posing as an FBI agent. In the penultimate twist of the episode, it is revealed that Derek does not know that John is his nephew. However, Sarah forbids John from revealing his ancestry to his uncle, as she still suspects the man she refers to as a 'stranger' of slaughtering her friend Andy.

Could Derek really have been lying about his part in the death of Skynet co-creator Andy? And just where do Cameron's allegiances lie?

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