Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 - Episode 2: Gnothi Seauton

Sarah Connor

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It's three days after their arrival in September 2007, and despite John's desire to explore gadget-filled 21st-century America, Sarah is intent on laying low until they obtain new aliases.

Their Terminator guardian, Cameron, takes Sarah to a safe house where four resistance agents from 2027 will provide them with weapons and money, but when they arrive they find the agents have been killed. Nothing is ever as it seems, however, as one of the agents is revealed to be a Terminator playing dead. It attacks Cameron and flees, with the ensuing pursuit seeing Sarah temporarily weakening the machine by spectacularly launching her motorbike into it.

The Terminator eventually escapes, but the pair are safe for the time being. In the aftermath, an exhausted Sarah learns the shocking reason for their displacement to 2007. She had died of cancer in 2005 and, by using time travel has skipped her own death.

Back home, a curious John secretly ventures out to an electronics store, where he learns that the trio
are believed to be dead after the incident at the bank eight years ago. John also finds that FBI agent
James Ellison (Richard T Jones) is suspicious after spotting links between his 1999 investigation and current events.

The adventurous John also goes to Sarah's ex-fiancee Charley Dixon's home, where he discovers that Charley has moved on from events eight years ago and has married. However, when he is caught and recognised by the returning Charley, John attacks him, suspicious that he may be another disguised Terminator.

Sarah attempts to get new identities from the helpful Enrique Salceda (Tony Amendola), who is later
revealed to be an FBI informant. Sarah confronts Enrique, intending to kill him for his betrayal. She hesitates, but Cameron ruthlessly finishes the job. A defiant Sarah tells Cameron that, from now on, "no one dies unless I say so."

Upon his arrival at the murder scene, the dogged Agent Ellison gets dangerously near to uncovering the trio's time-travelling exploits. He listens to a recording made just before Enrique died, offering the identity and whereabouts of a fugitive.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Cromartie has reassembled after apparently being seen off in the pilot episode. Can the reanimated Terminator stop the trio's mission to stop Skynet?

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