Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 - Episode 4: Heavy Metal

Sarah Connor

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As Cromartie gets a new identity, Sarah, Cameron and John try to cut off the supply of an essential component for constructing future Terminators.

In his surgery, Dr Lyman, a plastic surgeon, finds an unexpected patient looking through pictures of some of his work. Cromartie, who was damaged during the time-leap, is looking for a new identity and he refuses to leave until he gets some satisfaction. Cromartie is the Terminator charged with killing
John Connor.

John is still coming to terms with the suicide of Jordan, one of his school colleagues, that he was powerless to stop. Cameron interrupts his gloom to suggest that she believes that Cromartie has made it back to 2007 with them. She proves this from some grainy mobile phone footage of their time-jump, which she enhances to show Cromartie in the background.

She has also been following media reports about a fire that meant a huge shipment of coltan had to be re-routed to Los Angeles. Coltan is one of the key ingredients that makes the alloy which will provide the skeleton for Skynet's future Terminators and Cameron thinks Cromartie will meet the boat.

At the docks that night, Sarah, Cameron and John watch the coltan being loaded on to trucks, and while there is no sign of Cromartie, another Terminator is seen. This makes Sarah worry as she has no idea what its plan may be. She suggests to Cameron and John that their best course of action is to flee, particularly after Cameron suggests there is enough coltan to create skeletons for over 500 Terminators.

John, however, does not think that running is the best idea and while the girls make their escape, he crawls back through an open window before managing to get himself locked in the back of the lorry. Cameron scares a guard into revealing where the truck is headed for and soon they are on John's tail.

But the truck's destination, the future Skynet factory, is heavily fortified. Will Sarah and Cameron catch up with John? When Dr Lyman's dead body is found, what clues does Cromartie leave as to his new identity?

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