Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 - Episode 8: Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today


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The thorny issue of John's friendship with Riley is yet again brought into focus this week. John wants an ordinary life, but is that compatible with his future destiny as a resistance leader? The gang also have more immediate problems when Sarah is ambushed by Cromartie.

Meanwhile, after a word of warning from Cameron about Riley, the rebellious John immediately calls his female friend. The next morning, they are on a bus to Mexico, to a village where John used to live as a child.

When they arrive in the village, preparations are underway for the Dia De Los Muertos festival that night, meaning that everyone in town is dressed as skeletons. John and Riley stay in the honeymoon suite at the local hotel. Are they going to take their relationship to the next stage and potentially jeopardise John's future?

Later at dinner, a man recognises John from his childhood and tries to blackmail him with a picture he has taken. The pair obviously need to leave the village immediately, but then Riley is grabbed by the police.

Earlier, Sarah was bundled into a trunk by Cromartie. She next sees daylight in Mexico, when Ellison and John release her after a massive gun battle with her captors.

The former agent had received a phone call from friends in the FBI telling him that John is being held in Mexico. He went to the Mexican station where John and Riley were being held, telling the officer he had reason to believe John was in danger. Cromartie arrives and a gun battle ensued as he tries to get his hands on John. Ellison grabs John, telling him: "I am here to help."

The three jump into Cromartie's car, speeding off as the terminator peppers the car with bullets. They eventually find Sarah in the trunk and the four seek cover.

At least one casualty in the gun battle looks certain. Can the foursome fend off the waves of attack from Cromartie and will John get away with his reckless romantic trip? And why is Ellison suddenly so keen to protect John?

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