Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 2 - Episode 3: The Mousetrap

Sarah and Derek

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Upon learning the truth about terminators in the previous episode, Michelle Dixon convinces her husband Charley that they need to pack up and leave town.

However, the plan backfires when Cromartie kidnaps her at a petrol station in the middle of the desert. Back in Los Angeles, on the local news John sees an old clip of Beast Wizard VII, the low-budget film starring George Laszlo, the man Cromartie murdered and is now imitating.

When Charley rings Sarah pleading for help to find Michelle, she agrees. Derek, however, is convinced that Cromartie is trying to trap John, who has escaped Cameron's protection to hang out with new friend Riley.

Meanwhile, Agent Ellison is also watching Beast Wizard VII when he receives a call from Catherine Weaver. She wants Ellison to help her catch a terminator robot for her studies. Is Weaver trying to build a rival AI system to Skynet?

When Sarah and Derek meet up with Charley at the petrol station, the tied up Michelle has reached her conveniently-placed mobile phone and revealed her location to the trio. Has she fallen into a trap?

Sarah, Derek, and Charley locate the building that Michelle described, but they soon realise that they have been duped. Cromartie wrecks their car and blows up a phone mast that falls on the building. Michelle is gravely hurt by the falling tower.

Meanwhile, with all obstacles overcome, Cromartie is free to capture and kill John. Pretending to be Sarah, Cromartie phones the boy and tells him to meet at the Santa Monica Pier, while Sarah, Derek, Charley and a wounded Michelle desperately race to catch him.

At the pier, eagle-eyed John spots Cromartie and flees for cover. Cameron, at the pier to interrogate
Riley, gives chase. Eventually trapped with nowhere else to run, John dives into the ocean as Cromartie follows him once more.

Unable to swim, he plans to grab John and drag him to the ocean depths. Luckily, he just sinks after narrowly failing to catch John. Could Cameron have lent a hand instead of watching from dry land? "I don't swim," she replies.

The pair finally meet up with a relieved Sarah and Derek in a stolen van, but it is not looking good for
Michelle. The seats of the van are covered in blood, as Cromartie strides out of the ocean. Will Michelle pull through? And what will Cromartie do next to ensnare the Connors?

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