Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 1 - Episode 3: The Turk

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Sarah is worried that John and Cameron will both come unstuck on their first day at a new school, so she has undertaken some careful preparations to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Unfortunately, owing to some issues with weapons being brought into school, the authorities have installed some scanners and guards with metal detectors. Happily, John has already developed the gift of the gab to help him and his bodyguard through.

Cameron is asked by a female student, checking herself out in the bathroom mirror, whether she looks fat. Cameron tells the truth, which causes a rumpus. When everything dies down, Cameron's attention is caught by a sobbing girl in one of the cubicles. But she can do nothing to dry her tears and the girl ends up threatening to commit suicide by jumping off the gym roof.

Sarah continues her search for the creators of Skynet by visiting Miles Dyson's widow. One face that
Sarah shows her in a stack of photos rings a bell – that of Andy Goode. She tracks Andy down and uses her charms to get him to ask her out. Later, at his place, Sarah tries to ascertain whether he has the knowledge to become part of the Skynet team. Andy gives away that he and some buddies once hacked a video game, but he then reveals his real passion – the Turk, a chess-playing computer he is developing.

Was Andy part of the Skynet development team? Will John stop the girl taking her life or does he have a hard lesson to learn?

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