• Episode 10

    As the quest for his dream woman draws to a close, Spencer has one final make-or-break date with each girl.

  • Episode 9

    The three remaining girls pull out all the stops to impress Spencer on three very different dates in the Exumas in the Bahamas.

  • Episode 8

    After the romance of Italy, Spencer jets back home with the girls to meet each of their families.

  • Episode 7

    Spencer invites three of the remaining five girls to a romantic picnic on the outskirts of the ancient Italian city of Lucca.

  • Episode 6

    Spencer invites three of the girls to Pisa, before deciding on a challenge to ease the tension in the villa.

  • Episode 5

    After an eventful stay in the south of France, the action moves to Tuscany for an episode full of controversy and incident.

  • Episode 4

    With 11 hopefuls remaining, Spencer chooses a date that forces the girls out of their comfort zones.

  • Episode 3

    Spencer lays on a luxury champagne picnic for eight girls, before inviting three of them on a mountain hike through alpine meadows.

  • Episode 2

    With 15 girls remaining, Spencer lines up a themed photo shoot, catamaran cruise and spa retreat for his dates.

  • Episode 1

    Spencer Matthews meets for the first time the 24 women hoping to win his heart - but will all of them manage to impress?