Series 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1

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The girls arrive on the Côte d’Azur and meet the bachelor for the first time. Up until this point, all they know is that the bachelor is single and eligible. As the limousines pull up outside the luxury villa, there is much excitement when the girls recognise their potential beau as Gavin Henson – but they aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure.

Having met the 25, Gavin next has to decide which 15 to take on to the next stage of the competition. He wakes the girls early the following morning to invite them all on a speed date. But after a very late night, will they all make it?

The episode ends with the rose ceremony, in which Gav offers a rose to those girls he wants to stay on and get to know better. But with only 15 roses to give out, 10 of the contestants are going to be very disappointed...

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