• JoJo

    over 2 years ago


    He seems only to be focussed upon those girls that "put out" or "take it to the next level"... all the nice girls didn't (of course) as these things generally take time, especially when you have a film crew & the world watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did he ever consider how HE may feel if the situation was reversed? Would HE want to "put out" knowing that he was one of many others also doing the same with the same person? And he says that he WANTS an "old-fashioned girl with traditional principles!!!" Perhaps he should value the fact that he could relax in front on someone as he did with Layla (& actually so should she...) & let the intimate side of it just happen naturally? As Karen says all the nice girls have gone from this cringe-worthy competition for the prize that is Gavin Henson!! Once the cameras had stopped intruding April would have been absolutely fine, she's just a lady that's all, which is what he SAID he wanted...!! The episode when (Carianne) a 'glamour' model (what he said he didn't want) with the most Godawful voice I've ever heard and no brain that's noticeable actually ate him alive was hilarious, his body language when she was "kissing" him was so telling as he was all but pushing her off & trying to come up for air. Unbelievably though he couldn't seem to see through a bit of good old fashioned seduction /faked passion. Carianne, by his own admission, is everything that he doesn't like - so why fall for THAT old chesnut!!! I don't think they would sustain a proper adult relationship, he would bore her and then she'd be off eating someone else before long - after all there's already been warnings on that score!! She appears to be extremely two-faced & has certainly caused more problems than anyone else among the girls but STILL he seems quite unable to see what a horrid fake she is! Perhaps they do deserve each other after all... ... ...

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