• JoJo

    over 2 years ago


    I have to say that Layla's mother was a total nightmare, she didn't just probe Gavin she interrogated him with the most awful facial expression possible! If that had been my mother I'd have been mortified - after all Layla is a grown up and able to make her own mind up about who she spends her time with!! The (sad) fact though is that there's now only Layla and the awful Carianne left to choose from... I actually picked Layla as one of 4 that I liked right from the start but after THAT day with her mother I have mis-givings... April was the one for me but why did he boot off Zivile? Was it because she WAS a virgin, I wouldn't have thought so but if anything should have told him that here was a genuine lady that should have done. Someone mentioned Ms Church and yes, can you JUST imagine the feather-brained Carianne with that AWFUL voice and stupid laugh dealing with HER!! All I can say is GOOD LUCK GAV, 'cos you're going to need it!!!

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