•  People observation

    over 2 years ago

    People observation

    I'm soooo disappointed Gavin chose Carrianne over Leyla. Carrianne's attractive smile is contagious and welcoming. I guess the opposite does attract with Gavin quite shy. Oh Gavin, it was painful to see her true colour living with other girls. How would you cope if she brings on the same attitude to your family over disagreements. She also looks like the attention-seeker type and how would she cope if Gavin is away long-term? Like we saw in the past episodes with other girls, she moans, moans, moans, and criticises. Maybe I judge wrong, but after watching all the episodes how she relates with other girls, isn't that evidence enough she would do the same to the family or even his children? Seeing is believing? It'd be interesting to see how the relationship develops over time with his family. Leyla does have the same qualities as Gavin and the same strong family bond. Saying goes that successful relationship tends to look-alike or have some similarities. Does opposite attraction truly work?

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