• Selina of Orpington, Kent.

    over 2 years ago

    Selina of Orpington, Kent.

    I'm not sure any of the girls would have ended up being your wife Gavin, so you might as well enjoy the 'chemistry' with 'C' Think 'C' was either a set up, or young naive thing to be bitchy behind the other contestants backs (ie bad smirks on receiving rose on double date toward girl who 'lost' and thoughts aloud to camera on how she was going to get you?! Does she not realise this would end up in the long run, ruining a relationship with you?? This is why I'm thinking it was a bit of a set up, or what was she aiming for in the long run - time will tell. Perhaps you can mature Carrieanne - I don't know. Be kind public, she's a young girl ('cast the first stone...' and all that!) Good luck with future love life - you're a yummy young man, with what seemed like nice morals :-) if only I was 10 yrs younger!!!! Goodluck to all the girls and you Gavin - really enjoyed the show - very romantic! PS Zeville was lovely, but would she have been too serious for you??

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