• Emma

    over 2 years ago


    I've never liked Carianne, for the way she treated the other girls mainly and what she did with the cameraman, but I thought it was obvious that he was going to choose her, he's been besotted with her for a while now, even her 'cheating' on him wasn't enough for him to let her go. In her favour though, I think there was real chemistry between them, although I do not believe this will last (on her part anyway) and I do not believe that she loves him, I think it's just lust at the moment. I didn't think Layla was insincere, but I did think she was perhaps trying to convince herself that she liked him more than she actually did, perhaps she felt that it had gone too far into the process and she'd look bad if she didn't keep it up. Those steamy snogs in the hot tub looked a bit forced from her point of view, like she was just doing it because she thought that's what he wanted. I also agree with what a few others have said here, why was he kissing Layla like that when he's in love with Carianne!? Typical bloke! Anyway, I'm not going to wish them bad luck, I hope they make a go of it and good luck to them, but somehow I don't think it will last. Anyone who's wondering what to watch on a Friday night now won't have long to wait before Gavin's back doing 'The Bachelor Take Two' in 6 months after he and Carianne have split! Lol!

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