• Maria

    over 2 years ago


    UNBELIEVABLE! I thought Gavin had a little intelligence! Obviously not the case after he chose Carrianne, she is a Glamour Model, his Rugby mates will be having a right good old laugh at him because they'll be pulling pranks where they can, they will most probably have her topless photos all over the changing rooms. Maybe that is what Gavin wants, he did say more or less the same when questioning another girl, the name escapes me who also did topless modelling. And I do believe that was the reason he did not choose her. Also he said he wanted to settle down, do you really think Carriieanne wants to settle down with another mans children, she is so young. If Gavin had a morsel of intelligence he would have chosen Leyla who would have been the ideal match for him. Perhaps by choosing Carrieanne it will keep him in the papers because I so know Carrieanne will give Gavin no end of trouble. I really felt for Leyla who poured her heart out to him on the final day, I do believe too there was more than the two of them soaking in the hot tub, Leyla said more or less the same. How could he do that??? Then go on to pick Carrieanne??? Silly man Gavin I really feel you have made a TERRIBLE MISTAKE IN CHOOSING CARRIEANNE!

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