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    over 2 years ago


    Carianne did not go on there to makes friends with the other girls, she was there to try and get Gavin. Of course she is going to be different in front of them. She is also not on there to try and show how she can be a mother to his children, they already have one. Gavin wanted a fun, beautiful, non-calculated, easy-going girl to date, and i think he chose the right one in the end. He had a much better time with her than with any other girl, it was relaxed and she was geniunely happy in return. So why say he's made the wrong choice? It might not have been the choice you would have made, but then you and Gavin are obviously different. I found Layla calculating, too short, and frankly dull. His family even spotted her predicatability. She was nice sure, but thats why she was in the final. It was obvious to me as soon as he didnt send Carianne or Morgan home after Cameramankissgate that both or one of them would get to the final and win. A lot of the people on here are saying he should have picked girls liked Zivilie, April, or Nicky but they just didnt show enough character or desire to get their man. It wasnt an episode of Pride & Prejudice, men want attention just as much as girls do, being restrained and so-called ladylike will never work unless you look like Angelina Jolie! You might think Zivilie would be a nice virgin girl to take home to Mum over say Carianne who at one time posed topless, but frankly girls like Zivile would bore me to death. One girl almost got it right when she said "guys dont want a nice girl they want a challenge" no guys want a fun girl who can challenge them and Carianne is that.

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