• Karen s

    over 2 years ago

    Karen s

    Stop slandering Carianne guys, how can u simply sit there and judge someone just from watching on tv!!! yes she has a different voice we all do why slay her for that??? she is genuinly in love with Gavin like he is her and myself i am extremely happy for them, i wanted Carianne to win from the start, and those saying she cheated have u any solid proof of this? thats the whole problem people are too quick to judge based on rumour!!! she will be good for Gavin and yes she will be a step mum, like all other girls that went on the show they knew exactly what they were signing up for and wouldnt have done so if it wasnt what they wanted, so stop listening to rumours! stop judging someone for talking funny! and just be happy for them both the show was about Gavin finding the perfect woman for him and he found her, was not about us choosing who we liked, were not the ones who have to be in a relationship with them or possibly marry them, its him and was his choice completely and i say he made a fab choice, welldone Gavin and Carianne could see the chemistry from the start i wish u every happiness for the future, u guys are fab together and will be for a very long time to come.

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