• Andy E

    over 2 years ago

    Andy E

    I think that all things considered Gavin did his best to find a partner in dificult (but desirable) circumstances. He seemed to treat the girls as fairly as he could when he is only seeing what the girls show him. Don't forget that the producers of the show will only show us what they want us to see so any of the girls could be quite different in real life. I thought that Gavin missed a trick when Nikki left - and he seemed to do nothing about it. Nikki was the most atractive & nicest personality combination to me, but Gavin obviously has a different set of eyes and that makes the world a more interesting place. So he choses Carrieanne. She may not be ideal mother material for his kids - but they already have a mother. I respect his decision as he apears to have followed his heart - and it is HIS decision to make. I think his sister had some good insite here with a comment on the show about an exciting choice for himself rather than the most logical one that may lack that spark. It would be interesting to see this format run with a single girl and 25 guys. I don't think it would be an easy process to go through without making any wrong decisions. One observation I had is that Gavin always looked in impecable shape with flawless skin throughout the show. Must take some effort. None of the girls seemed to match this. So I don't think that Gavin actually had anyone to choose from that matched his fitnesss/looks/income potential. I really enjoyed the show and wish Gavin and Carrianne well. Who's next Ch5?

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