Series 2 - Episode 10

Episode 10

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With the prize almost within their grasp, the stakes are at their highest. Both girls are clearly feeling the strain. To help him make his final decision, Spencer has flown his cousin Sally in to get a frank female perspective from a close family member whose opinion he trusts implicitly.

Sally then reports her conclusions back to the Bachelor and, armed with her advice, Spencer has one make-or-break date left with each girl.

For the first date, Spencer has decided he wants to pamper his girl and opts for the ultimate test of intimacy and compatibility: the quiet night in – Bachelor style. He woos her with a sensuous massage followed by dinner and a romantic moonlight swim in the pool.

For his final date, Spencer and girl number two enjoy a frolic in the Caribbean Sea before a romantic meal in a luxury pagoda overlooking the stunning view. There is a nervous tension in the air as the couple become increasingly flirtatious. The date ends in a steamy encounter in the Bachelor’s private candlelit bath tub.

With his last two dates over, it's time for the Bachelor to make his choice. One at a time, the girls are called to meet Spencer and hear his decision. For one girl, the day ends in heartbreak, as Spencer delivers the news that she has been dreading. Finally, in an emotional and heartfelt declaration of love, Spencer tells his chosen girl that she is ‘The One’.

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