Series 2 - Episode 2

Episode 2

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On the French Riviera, the 15 remaining girls are moving into the luxury villa that will serve as their base as they battle to win Spencer’s heart. After nine girls were sent home last week, the serious stuff starts here. The very first date gives the chosen girls an early chance to get up close and personal with the Bachelor. Spencer has arranged a photo shoot and set each girl the challenge of coming up with a theme based on a famous movie love scene.

Things get steamy almost immediately – one girl dresses up as a mermaid with only a pair of shells to cover her modesty. The air all but crackles with sexual tensionw hen another girl plays Juliet to Spencer’s Romeo. However, it is a third who ultimately steals the scene, winning not only Spencer’s rose but also the coveted first kiss with the Bachelor – not that she is letting on to the other girls, who remain blissfully unaware that their rival has stolen an early lead in the race for Spencer’s heart.

The following day, Spencer lays on a cruise for eight of the girls in a luxury catamaran with a beach party at their destination – but, unknown to him, it transpires he has tapped into one of the girl’s deepest fears. Sensing that something is wrong, Spencer takes the girl aside. In an emotional conversation, she confides in him the sad reason for her phobia; he responds by letting her in on a tragic incident from his own past. These shared confidences create a bond between them – but will she be the one to win the Bachelor’s rose, or can a rival gain the edge on her by excelling at the upcoming beach party games?

The Bachelor’s third date is a romantic and adrenalin-packed adventure. He whisks his chosen girl off on a helicopter ride to a luxury spa, taking in some stunning Mediterranean scenery on the way. On the massage table, love is in the air and things get intimate…but will the girl seal the date with a kiss, or choose to play a longer game by leaving Spencer high and dry? Finally, in the rose ceremony, two more girls hear the news they have been dreading, leaving 13 to stay and continue the fight for The Bachelor's heart.


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