Series 2 - Episode 3

Episode 3

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On the French Riviera, after two girls were sent home last week, the 13 remaining contenders are battling to win Spencer's heart. The first date comes as a shock to them as it is a case of two girls and only one rose! One of them receives the rose and returns to the villa, while the other is sent home. The stakes are higher than ever, and it is revealed that one girl has been hiding a secret that may not only affect Spencer's growing feelings for her but also her place in the competition.

The following day, the Bachelor lays on a luxury champagne picnic for eight girls in the heart of the picturesque Gorges Du Verdon. To win the picnic date the girls are split into two teams that race against each other on the river in rafts.

There is a white-knuckle ride through the limestone ravine and the competition brings out the tension that has been simmering between warring parties in the house. As the contest gets fierce some of the girls show their teeth. This unsporting behaviour leads the Bachelor to question some of the girls’ motives for being there.

For the third date, Spencer invites three girls to get away from it all on a stunning mountain hike through alpine meadows, followed by an overnight date in a gorgeous log cabin. It couldn’t be any more romantic. The champagne flows, the fire crackles, and the intimacy heats up as the lucky girls and Spencer have a pyjama party. There is plenty of fun, flirting and frolics, leading to some eyebrow-raising revelations!

Finally there is the rose ceremony, where one of the girls discovers she is out of the competition – and Spencer's affections – leaving 11 single ladies to continue in the fight to win the Bachelor's heart.


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