Series 2 - Episode 4

Episode 4

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On the exclusive Cote D’Azur, the 11 remaining girls are all falling for Spencer, and the first date really puts their nerves to the test. Spencer has organised a ‘comedy roast’ for that evening. The selected girls must write their own comedy material, making fun of not only themselves but also of Spencer and their fellow housemates. They then perform the routine in front of Spencer and the other girls at a sumptuous dinner under the stars. To help them prepare they are given a crash course in comedy writing and then have the afternoon to come up with their one-liners. The girl that impresses Spencer the most will be awarded a coveted rose.

The evening starts off well with the champagne flowing to settle any nerves, but things soon turn tense when one girl who believes she is worthy of the rose is overlooked. There are tears and tantrums before bedtime.

The following day, the Bachelor whisks the girls away for the second date – a golfing trip at an exclusive country club. However, golf is not to everyone’s taste and several of the girls fail to give it their best shot. Spencer is disappointed, but all is forgiven over sun-downer drinks at the nineteenth hole. Spencer is concerned about one girl and takes her aside. He learns that she is missing her family back home. They have a revealing heart-to-heart and her opinion of him completely changes.

Later that evening, after several bottles of champagne, Spencer and the girls hit the hot tub. Things get pretty steamy as the group discusses romance and several of the girls steal their first kiss with Spencer.

For the third date, Spencer arrives at the villa in a red Ferrari to pick up one lucky girl for a solo outing. They drive through the breathtakingly beautiful mountains to a secluded clifftop restaurant, where they discover they have far more in common than they initially thought. She is completely smitten by the Bachelor and is over the moon when he gives her a rose at the end of the date.

Finally, at the rose ceremony, two of the girls hear the dreaded news that they must pack their cases and head home, leaving nine single ladies to continue their quest to win the Bachelor’s heart.


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