Series 2 - Episode 5

Episode 5

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Nine girls are still in the battle to win Spencer’s heart. After a hugely eventful stay in the south of France, the action moves to Tuscany for an episode full of controversy and incident as hackles rise and accusations fly.

Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of their surroundings, the Bachelor’s first date is designed to tap into the girls’ artistic sides – Spencer has arranged a session of body casting. One by one, the girls must select a part of their own body and smother it in plaster to make a cast. The girls throw themselves into it with varying degrees of enthusiasm, and one girl’s relish for the task sets her apart from the others. The Bachelor awards her a rose, guaranteeing her a place in the next stage of the competition. But Spencer has not bargained for what happens next, as the girl claims her chance to cast a very particular part of the Bachelor’s own body…

The following day, the girls face a very different kind of challenge. Spencer has brought two of his friends over to Italy, seeking their support and input as he strives to make the right choice. The girls soon find themselves subjected to an intensive grilling from the Bachelor’s friends.

That night, the Bachelor, his friends and the nine girls all gather in the Great Hall for the traditional masked ball. This colourful Italian ritual is infamous for rumour, jealousy, backstabbing and smouldering sexual tension, and tonight is no exception. Sparks fly as one girl confronts the Bachelor, accusing him of kissing another. Another girl feels that she has failed to make the most of her time with Spencer, and her loud recriminations can be heard throughout the mansion.

The following day, as the dust settles, Spencer invites one girl to escape with him to the cultural capital of the Renaissance – the stunning city of Florence. In a romantic day to remember, the Bachelor and his girl take a horse-drawn tour of the city, stroll through picturesque squares, linger on historic bridges, sip prosecco and end up entwined in each other’s arms. The girl in question declares it to be the best day of her life, and the Bachelor himself appears utterly smitten.

That night at the villa, the tension from the previous evening is still in the air. The situation reaches boiling point at the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, where two of the girls let fly at one another in a vicious cat-fight over the amount of time one of them is spending with the Bachelor. Finally, in an unforgettable rose ceremony, the girls are shocked by an unexpected turn of events. When the dust settles, two more girls are heading home and seven remain in the hunt for the Bachelor’s heart.


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