Series 1 - Episode 6

Episode 6

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Following last week’s scandal, Gavin takes the bull by the horns, and chooses the two girls at the centre of the storm to come on this week’s first date. At an Italian cooking lesson, the girl who is alleged to have kissed a guy behind the Bachelor’s back and her accuser come face to face.

Having been kept apart for a couple of days, the girls try to thrash out their differences before sitting down to a meal with Gav. He must judge who is telling the truth and whether one, or both of them, should be sent home. Tempers are tested, and Gavin’s decision proves to be too much for one of the girls.

Putting all the aggravation behind him, Gav takes another girl on a gondola ride through Venice. Judging by the amount of kissing, they are both taking full advantage of the romantic atmosphere. Before the week is through, the girls are given a wake-up call – by a military fitness trainer, who puts them through their paces.

Finally, after offering a rose to the girl who impressed him the most, Gavin finds that he has some explaining to do…


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