Series 2 - Episode 6

Episode 6

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As a new day dawns in their Tuscan villa, seven girls remain in the running to win Spencer’s heart. Spencer invites three of the lucky ladies to spend the day with him as they visit Pisa’s iconic leaning tower and have portraits drawn as a lasting memento. Spencer has a breathtaking finale for this date, but can only choose one girl to accompany him on it. Spending time with each girl during their portraits, Spencer is frustrated to discover that one cannot seem to put her bitchiness aside, whilst the chemistry with the other two is called into question.

The next day Spencer decides to help ease the tension in the house by encouraging the girls to unleash their emotions with some physical combat in the ‘Maximus Matthews Gladiatorial Garden Games’.

Dressed as gladiators, the girls battle it out head to head in a bid to win some coveted alone time with Emperor Spencer. After some vicious hand-to-hand combat and exhausting events one girl emerges victorious and capitalises on her earned time with the Bachelor with a stolen kiss.

For the final date Spencer invites a girl to a stunning castle and vineyard in the Chianti region, where they sample the finest wines and relax in each other’s company. But with roses at a premium, Spencer is in two minds as tow hether he can see a lasting relationship with his date. Can he give her the rose when he has such strong feelings for the other girls?

In the climactic rose ceremony, one girl faces reality as her dream of a relationship with Spencer is crushed. The remaining girls are left to battle it out for a chance to be The Bachelor’s chosen one.


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